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 Want to Get Paid Sharing the Knowledge You Already Have? 

How to Monetize From Your Expertise And Dramatically Increase Your Influence and Impact!


Create Instant Credibility and Trust, Gain High-Paying Clients and Make More Sales by Sharing Your Advise.

Inside Your Free Copy You Will Discover The Formula To:

  • Gain more business opportunities and income by joining the fast growing expert industry now.

  • Make a big impact on the world by using your expert positioning status.

  • Create multiple income streams around your expertise to become a highly paid expert.

  • Stand out in your industry by positioning your marketing with your competition in mind.

  • Master the art of self-promotion and influence to build trust and loyalty with high-value clients.

  • Create more sales by speaking to sell online and on live stages.

  • Get paid to speak and write professionally by becoming the go-to expert in your niche market.

  • Discover A Completely Different Approach To Marketing & Selling Yourself

    It’s no secret that marketing yourself as the go-to expert is the ultimate credibility tool for positioning yourself as the go-to authority within your industry. Claiming your expertise will quickly increase your influence, differentiate you from your competition and enable you to grow an audience around your message, ideas and proven processes. 

    So Here’s the Disconnect ...

    You probably spent years developing your knowledge to become very good in a specific area, yet you didn’t put in much effort into marketing and positioning yourself effectively … which is the KEY to standing out, getting noticed and gaining better prospects. 

    There is an Easier Way …

    After working with thousands of clients around the world for over 25 years, I’ve discovered a completely different approach to marketing and selling yourself, which earned me the title of The World’s #1 Authority on Expert Positioning. During this time I uncovered a proven marketing formula that allows you to move far above the crowd and speed up the sales process on your own terms so can spread your message, grow your audience and ultimately increase your income with unlimited streams of income.

    “Debbie Allen’s book Expert Positioning is the ultimate guide to positioning yourself as the go-to expert in any industry. It’s packed with wisdom and wit, and is a wealth of how to information. Grab your copy now!”

    JV Crumb III

    Author of The Conscious Millionaire

    “I wish I would have known about Debbie Allen’s Expert Positioning Formula years ago because it would have saved me thousands of dollars and made me a lot more money! In this awesome book, Debbie holds your hand while she brilliantly walks you through the step-by-step process of positioning yourself and your business for the more success. Plus, she shares real world stories that make this book a fun and interesting read.”

    Ursula Mentjes

    USA Today Bestselling Author

    Claim Your FREE Copy Now & Receive These FREE BONUSES Immediately!

    Bonus #1

    Expert Positioning Action Guide

    When you claim your FREE copy of my book today, I’ll also be sending you my step-by-step action guide to build your own highly lucrative expert business model … including many ways to make money from your expertise with multiple income streams.

    Bonus #2

    1-Page Business Plan to Build Your Expert Business Model

    My exclusive 1-page expert business plan and training is currently not available at any price, but is reserved for only my clients. But it’s yours now when you grab your copy of my newest book Expert Positioning

    Bonus #3

    FREE 30 Minute Master Class

    This short 30-minute training video will guide with the steps required to position yourself effectively by using my action guide and 1-Page business plan bonuses. 

    Meet The Author, Debbie Allen

    Debbie Allen is The World’s #1 Authority on Expert Positioning and author of Expert Positioning and The Highly Paid Expert.

    Debbie has been in the expert industry for over 25 years, has presented in front of thousands of people in 28 countries, and authored 10 bestselling books

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